October 26, 2019

Fall Festival Psychic Fair 2019

We had a great event!

Fall Festival Psychic Fair: Saturday, October 26, 2019, 10am-5pm

This fall we had the cities' top psychics,  mediums and energy healers collected in the building's beautiful Sanctuary to give insights and advice on most pressing life challenges, from relationships and health issues to contacting loved ones who have passed on. Free workshops were held to help people learn more about their own psychic power and how they can transform their life into what they want it to be.  

As a reminder, the pre-booked times that were made will not be transferrable or refundable. For afternoon readings, you will want to get there early to make sure you can get a time with the reader of your choice. 

​ ​There were aura photographs, chair massage, tasty food as well as vendors offering unique products and services ranging from clothing and jewelry to crystals and aromatherapy.

Plan to join us every year on the last Saturday in October!

Psychic Fair Minneapolis Minnesota

Psychic Fair Minneapolis Minnesota

Fall Festival psychic fair


Psychic Readings and Energy Healings

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Free Workshops

Take in one of our educational workshops from local experts.


Fun Activities

We'll have a community raffle, aura photography, food truck, metaphysical vendors in the lower level and more!


Laurie Wondra


Psychic Medium Readings

Laurie has been working with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Collective Light, and loved ones to channel their messages and provide healing energies since a young child.   As a healer, teacher, speaker, and author of four books, Laurie works with thousands of people all over the world.  She connects people with their loved ones who have crossed over, and brings healing messages from the spirit world that help people move forward.  An acknowledged Crystal Master, Laurie is recognized for her mastery of crystals, working with sound healing modalities, light and all elements of the universe; bringing peace and light to everyone she encounters. 


25 minute session - $75

Claudia Johnson


Psychic Medium Readings

Claudia is a naturally gifted intuitive, medium, and spiritual healer.  As a professional dancer, she felt compelled to offer healing to other dancers in pain when she discovered she was feeling their injuries in her own body. As they healed, her pain also dissolved, and she would receive messages for them from Spirit Guides, Spirit Doctors, Angels and ancestors. 

When you choose an intuitive session, it helps to think about what your heart and mind are asking at the deepest level.  You may ask for a certain spirit to come forward, however that is in the hands of Spirit for your and their highest good.

Claudia continues her lifelong study with some of the best mediums in the world September-October, 2017 at world-renowned mediumship school, The Arthur Findlay College in London. 


25 minute session - $70
50 minute session - $125


Amy Grace


Intuitive Guidance

Amy was born clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic.  She was surrounded in childhood by six translucent beings of light; entities communicating with her that no one else could see, hear, or feel.  A near-death experience in 1989 enhanced her ability to interpret the psychic information she receives, and she has given readings since 1990. 

Her sessions are entirely guided by the needs of her client.  She has accessed clients’  past lives, communed with their deceased loved ones, identified cancerous tumors prior to medical diagnosis, shifted the energy in challenging relationships, etc.  Whatever the relevant issue is that has drawn you to have a reading with Amy, your guidance and hers will ensure that it will be brought forward for healing and release.

25 minute session - $100
50 minute session - $200


Nancy Robinson


Readings and Healings

Nancy started to see spirits when she was 8 years old. Since 1992, Nancy has been offering psychic readings in which she is guided by Spirit. Take advantage of Nancy’s lifelong experience as an intuitive psychic, her almost 50 years of metaphysical and spiritual studies, and her 23 plus years as a psychic reader. 

In addition to psychic readings and spiritual guidance, Nancy can help you achieve a greater sense of inner freedom and self worthiness, peace and personal power through a combination of Energy Healing, Pranic Crystal Healing, Intuitive Scanning, Personalized Meditations, Customized Affirmations as well as EFT tapping.

Nancy uses her training in Advanced Levels of Pranic Healing® for stand alone energy work, and also to support and complement her readings.

25 minute session - $60
50 minute session - $120


Kayla Michaele


Psychic & Spiritual Readings

Kayla has worked as a professional Psychic, Teacher and Presenter for over 15 years throughout the US, Canada. By working with Spirit and her psychic gifts, Kayla helps her clients with all concerns surrounding life and Soul. 

In her readings, Kayla dips into what she calls her ‘spiritual tool box’ and draws upon her psychic, empathic and mediumship abilities to best serve her clients.  “When I meet with a client, the first thing I do is ask Spirit how to best communicate with this person.  Just as some people learn through reading, talking or doing, some clients need me to tell them what I ‘see’ or ‘feel.’ ”

Every session is packed with useful and down-to-earth information with the goal  that every client leave with a sense of direction and peace.  She strives to help people alleviate their fears through empowering their decision making processes.    

25 minute session- $75
50 minute session- $140

Brandy Morcomb


Intuitive Energy Healing & Readings

Brandy realized as a small child that she had gifts that she could not explain. Intuition, Psychic abilities, connecting with spirits who had crossed over, dreams and so much more. She uses the guidance of her Angels, her body as an energy vessel as well as her own intuition to help guide and heal the body of stress, pain, dis-ease, fear and trauma. She is able to connect with loved ones who have passed, as well as to help guide and heal the body on a cellular/ancestor level. Every session is different and done with highest regards to the individual and their specific Intentions and needs, she often refers to this as a Guided Soul Healing.

Brandy is a trained Reiki Master and an Intuitive Energy Healer. She has worked out of her home for 10 years, as well as at the Minneapolis Wellness Center for 5 years, offering her Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions.

25 minute session - $65
50 minute session - $90

Psychic Readers

Katelyn Mariah

Katelyn Mariah

Katelyn Mariah BFA, MA is a naturally gifted intuitive, visionary artist, and healing guide. She has been sharing her gifts for over 25 years. Her readings, like her paintings, act as windows into the Wisdom of the Universal Heart of Creation. They bring you the clarity that your soul wants you to know at this point in your journey so you can feel empowered on your path.

Katelyn's readings are unique in that she uses decks she created with her visionary art that act as stepping stones into deeper wisdom.  Through her intuitive readings, Katelyn assists you in accessing your authentic self and sacred purpose.

Katelyn was a psychologist for 26 years. She also studied with a Peruvian Shaman, a Chilean Medicine Woman, and a Native American Medicine woman. She has studied the metaphysical for 30 years. She brings this knowledge and experience into her sessions, which are packed with useful information to give you a sense of clarity and direction.


25 minute session - $70 

50 minute session - $120  

Michelle Dunkirk


Intuitive Spiritualist 

Michelle Dunkirk has had psychic abilities ever since she was a small child. Although known primarily as aviolinist and musician, Michelle has studied many kinds of healing modalities including Reiki; Massage; Stone and Crystal Healing; Sound Healing; Pranic Healing; Essential Oils and Herbs; Biofeedback; Breathe Work; Yoga…and more.

As a spiritualist, Michelle accesses your higher guides, angels, ancestors, spirits, and the Divine Source in her readings to give insight into the future. She can offer messages to help gain clarity and direction in your life. Her readings often uplift, inspire and give hope to those seeking answers to the mystery of their lives and insights into the future.

25 minute session- $40
50 minute session- $80

Nina Roberts Salveson


Intuitive Life Support - Angel Coaching Session
​A session with me involves a mix of angelic life coaching, mediumship, intuitive energy healing and life guidance. I connect with your divine support team of Angels/Spirit Guides to bring through specific messages that will support me in assisting you you to navigate your life journey. You will leave feeling uplifted, supported and aligned with your higher self and true soul path.. Energetic healing is instantaneous across and through multiple dimensions. The purest love flows into your deep unconscious, fostering clarity and empowerment. 

During 50 minute sessions you will receive an extra bonus of an energetic attunement, clearing and activation.


25 minute session- $75
50 minute session- $105


Rubem Lima


Intuitive Readings, Avalon Cards, Afro Brazilian Tarot
Rubem Lima is a Brazilian shaman who grew up in a tradition of Candomblé (the Afro-Brazilian version of the Yoruba religion called Ifa, Hispanic santería),  French spiritism, and other mystic strands. He is a  Mesa Carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition, a Minister of Melchizedek, and a Lakota sweat lodge singer . 

Rubem especially likes to function as a cultural and spiritual bridge, having grown up in Brazil  of Pataxó (Native American) and Italian parents and having participated in rituals as diverse as Buddhist empowerment, Hindu services,  Native American sundances,  and Russian Orthodox services.

He offers readings with Avalon cards,  Peruvian leaf readings, and Afro-Brazilian tarot. He loves to help clients connect with their guides, angels, animal spirit helpers, and ancestors. He has experience advising clients on their spiritual and healing paths. Readings can be done in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and German.


25 minute session- $40
50 minute session- $70 

Kaya White


Psychic Medium 

Kaya asks you to join her in seeking channeled guidance of the Light. Kaya is a conduit for messages from your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, and even at times your passed-on loved ones. She refers to all of them as your Light Entourage and support.

Kaya was born highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. With the guidance of her mentors she was encouraged to share her innate gifts with the world. Kaya began doing public group channeled readings with The Sistrum around the Twin Cities. She then founded Living Luminously and began doing her own gatherings, classes and mentoring within the past few of years.

Kaya’s intent is to assist you in your awakening process and shed Light on questions that come forward while on your journey. She encourages you to step in to the possibility of change and adapt new ways of viewing your reality without limitation. She is here to remind you that you are the master conductor of your symphony called “life”.


25 minute session - $50


Cameron Williams


Palm and Tarot Readings 

Cameron is a Fortune Teller that specializes in Palmistry and Tarot readings. He is currently in Seminary obtaining a Master’s of Divinity and has been counseling people via fortunetelling for 8 years.

He will be in the Garden Room for walk-up readings. See the assistant to book your time directly.


15 minute session - $35

Energy Healings

Carol Lovelee


Intuitive Energy Healer

Carol uses her intuitive abilities to read your energy field, while tapping into your body’s innate wisdom.

She also connects with the higher dimensional spiritual team of angels and spirit guides, for the highest guidance and wisdom during your session. Carol is passionate about helping you understand, manage, and shift your energy so you can quickly experience positive change and growth. It is hard to live the life you love when your health, finances, or relationships are keeping you stressed on a daily basis. As you learn to shed and retrain your

energies you can move from confused, unwell, and tired ~ to vibrant, happy and at peace. Loving and taking good care of yourself is Key to a Happy, Healthy You!

Carol has a MA in Psychology, and has been studying all things energy, holistic, & spiritual for 25+ years. She attended certification programs in, Eden Energy Medicine, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Past Life Release Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), PTSD Release, Therapeutic Touch, Mindfulness, Light Language Activations and Psychodrama and Expressive Arts Therapy.

25 minute session - $50
50 minute session - $100


Birgit Kraus


Raised and born in Germany, Birgit has been exploring, learning, teaching and experiencing alternative healing methodologies for the past 24 years. Her path has crossed many teachings and she has found her calling in helping and guiding others to heal present and past life trauma events on a soul level. She learned through many soul searching teachings just how deeply rooted traumatic events can be and how the on-going stress can impact the physical health of the body and the mind. Through her own practices of meditation, mindfulness and Qigong (martial healing arts), and by changing her lifestyle and nutritional habits, she began to find some relief and healing. And yet, many emotions, thoughts and physical symptoms still lingered in her body and her mind, and so she sought healing on even deeper levels. Just “feeling good” wasn’t enough, and Birgit began to seek true transformation on cellular levels. Through consistently deepening her own practices, and by relentlessly seeking new levels of healing, Birgit found a deeper understanding of her soul and spirit. Through this process she experienced a greater understanding of the universal laws of manifestation and the gifts of instant quantum healing.

Birgit has completed many different studies in alternative healing methodologies, including Reiki Master, Qigong Master Healer Level IV, and Quantum Light Vortex Energy Healing. She remains committed to mindful, continuous practices and to work on her own progress and evolution, and she refers to herself as a Mystic in Progress. 

Her sessions come from the heart as she invites the highest celestial energies into the space to help seekers heal and evolve their souls.

25 minute session - $40
50 minute session - $80


Laura Peppin


Seekers and skeptics welcome! Shift the focus beyond healing and Activate Your Creative Process of Well-Being. The goal of this work is for the client to experience an increased or reconnected sense of well-being as defined or perceived by them. Simply put: Energy work provides you the time and space to truly have a break from everything. When you get this kind of break, your body and mind revert back to neutral, allowing you to be prepared to begin your unique creative process of well-being.

Common benefits reported from clients involve mental, emotional and physical clarity, calm, reset, awareness, ability to take action, and in some cases, relief from acute or chronic pain. For many people who are early in their process or new to energy work, it is not uncommon to experience intellectual or emotional uncertainty, doubt and / or confusion following a session. It simply takes time to build up the ability to trust in one's own experience. This is a normal and worthy part of the process of healing, well-being and finding creative expression. 

Laura Peppin is an advanced SourcePoint Therapy® Practitioner and the owner of Blueprint Wellness in St. Paul.


25 minute session - $50 

50 minute session - $100



free workshops

Workshop Schedule

11:00am to 12:00pm

Are you a Psychic Sponge?  Led by Inga Ulmer

Do you find yourself exhausted by merely being around some people or find that some relationships seem to drain the energy right from you?  This class is for those empathic people who feel the energy of those around them and it effects their everyday life.  We will discuss the importance of understanding how to be an empath without letting it drain or effect you in a negative way.

12:15 to 1:15pm

Got Energy? Got Health?  with Birgit Kraus

Energetic blockages occur on our physical, mental, spiritual levels. Whether it is a persistent thought or a discomfort / pain in your body, a traumatic life experience, a genetic linage disorder or a spiritual blockage, everything is based in energy and you can transform and heal, reverse and work yourself on any issue that you want to address. There are many SELF HELP “tools” for you available and many practitioners to guide and help along your path of the evolution and healing of your soul. We will speak briefly about a better understanding of energetic blockages and how you can begin to transform your health and begin a self healing process. 

1:30pm to 2:30pm

2019 Unfold Your Intuitive Gifts  by Claudia Johnson

We will discuss 5 FAQs to Unfold Your Psychic Gifts and how you can be comfortable with your abilities.
Let’s explore together: Is this experience really a gift even if it scares me? Can I learn to control it and make it practical and useful? How do I practice with integrity and what are the rules, if any? If I know something bad may happen in the future, and it does and I don’t tell anyone, am I responsible? How do I learn to trust the information I receive?  This workshop includes a meditation. 

2:45 to 3:45pm

Unicorn-Inspired Tips for How to Find Your Sparkle with Angela Wix

In today's world it can be easy to lose our authentic selves, including our courage and our happiness. Enter unicorns! Angela A. Wix, author of Llewellyn's Little Book of Unicorns, takes a look at the essence and lore of these mystical beings in order to help you become more playful, create everyday magic, and find your own personal unicorns. Learn about the various ways unicorn energy is trying to get your attention and discover 5 key ways for how you can take a cue from our unicorn friends in order to reclaim your sparkle. By the end of this workshop you'll be set with tools that will help you shine from the inside-out.


More Fun activities

Aura Photography with Annette


Find out about your Aura and what it says about You! Knowing your Aura colors is one of the most powerful tools in understanding your personality traits, relationships, career choices and for self-discovery.

 Aura Photo Report - $25
Colorful photo of your personal Aura energy and the description of what your specific colors say about you and what you display to the world.

Aura Photo and Chakra Imaging Report - $40

Detailed information about your Aura colors and each of your 7 Chakras (energy wheels) that reveal the levels of energy in which you bask, showing the energy that you create, your personal power, your strengths and areas for growth.


Shop the Marketplace


Visit our lower level!

  • The Edge Magazine
  • Deb Wood Essential oils- do Terra oils
  • Ethnic Accents- handicrafts from around the world: bags, scarves, clothing, and gifts
  • Spirit Haven- Crystals, wands, sterling & gemstone jewelry, figurines
  • The Jewelry Jester- hand-crafted pendulums and jewelry
  • Isis Designed- jewelry and aromatherapy products
  • Earthway Gifts- wire-wrapped jewelry and gem trees, gemstones, singing bowls, etc.
  • Funk 'n Fantasy- fun socks, tarot, candles, smudge kits, figurines, jewelry
  • Let's Get Stones- Reiki-attuned wire wrapped jewelry, loose stones, misc. gifts to assist on your spiritual journey
  • Christy's Crystals - enjoy high vibration crystals for gifts or healing

In the Garden Room


Join us for a community raffle!

Tarot readings by Cameron Williams! Cameron is a Fortune Teller that specializes in Palmistry and Tarot readings. He is currently in Seminary obtaining a Master’s of Divinity and has been counseling people via fortunetelling for 8 years. 

Unicorn photo booth!

Physics in the Cities Student Readings: 15 minutes for $10!

Food Truck On Site!


We will have.a Full Belly Happy Heart food truck available from 11 to 2:30! 

In addition, we will have baked goods and treats downstairs in the kitchen!