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Located in a beautiful, historic building (now on the National Historic Register) in Linden Hills, LHSC invites you to join us as part of your spiritual journey and join our heart-based community. Join our community of “seekers” for a Sunday service or event and learn the tools that lead to a joyful, empowered life. Everything is energy - bring yours to LHSC!


Inspiring Sunday Speakers

LHSC is unique. Each week we bring in different national and local speakers to help broaden your consciousness on a variety of levels. Every month there is a different empowering theme, so you can expect a different experience every time!


Fundraiser Psychic Fair - thanks for a great event!

Each spring and fall we have the cities' top psychics, mediums and energy healers collected in the building's beautiful Sanctuary to give insights and advice on most pressing life challenges, from relationships and health issues to contacting loved ones on the other side.


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4401 South Upton Avenue, Minneapolis, Mn

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community