Classes and Workshops

guided meditations


Tuesday Night Meditations @ 7pm  $10+

Jay Peterson Every 1st and 4th Tuesday

Use the law of attraction to your greatest good!  Continuing the style of meditation performed by Justine Damond and Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jay Peterson will guide you into a proven technique to oxygenate your body, turn on your parasympathetic nervous system, and start unwinding the patterns of the past.  This proven open focus meditation moves your brain wave patterns into an alpha state, where you can begin to overwrite the "software" we have that drives old behaviors, so we can start to become better versions of ourselves.  Meditation has a cumulative effect - the more your thoughts and feelings shift to your ideal self, the more it becomes your state of being.   952-217-6396

Nina Roberts Salveson Every 2nd Tuesday

Trained in guided imagery with innovator Bellaruth Naperstek and Quantum Hypnotherapeutic Transformation with renowned Delores Cannon, Nina Roberts Salveson utilizes quantum healing at the subconscious level. Nina is spiritual and transformational life coach, yoga teacher, ordained celebrant, death transition doula, published writer, shamanic, yogic and spiritual journey-woman and inspirational visionary. She invites us into not just another dimension of ourselves, but into another spectrum of our humanity, evoking our divine essence while also honoring what it means to be wholly human. Nina embodies awareness, and unconditional love with bold, game-changing tools for bypassing the limitations of this Age, for connecting directly your eternal energy field and inherent Sovereignty.  ​​  


Cindi Claypatch Every 3rd Tuesday

As owner of Prospectives Inc. it is Cindi's mission to bring the prospects of health and healing to light.  She also founded the Health Realization/ 3 Principles training center where she provides training and consulting.  She has a Masters degree in Human Development with a primary focus in the study of consciousness, quantum physics & complementary healing methods. She studies with Americo Yabar, a Peruvian Shaman, and has been mentored by Michael Issacson for many years. Much of her work involves accessing both the seen and unseen worlds to promote healing, education and expansion.  She has been trained in Matrix energetics, The Reconnection, Qi’gong, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Three Hearts Balancing.......However she was gifted with a capacity to work with energy after a personal health challenge.  She is also certified in intuition from the National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavior Medicine.    

Cindi 612.823.1070  


Drum circles


Evening Drum Circles with Laurie Wondra    $15+  7pm

For centuries and lifetimes, across many cultures,  the drum has brought communities and families together for ceremony, celebration and monumental times in history. This drumming circle will include a 24 inch sacred drum. Attendees will experience the vibrational energy of this sacred piece by either playing this drum or sitting in it's vibration. These are powerful nights where we use the vibration of the drum to release old energy patterns, breaking open spaces to infuse with divine energy. These are nights to experience the vibration and flow of love and light. 

Its frequency fills the room and your heart with it's magic healing energy.

Bring your own drum and play in the rhythm of the drums - all levels of experience are welcome. You may play or just enjoy the connection to drum. Some extra drums will also be available to play. Please join us for this night of drumming, blessing, enjoying the energies of mother earth, father sky and our heart love.

2019 Dates:
September 13
October 4
November 1 & 23
December 20 & 29

Circle of light


Energy Circle, Intuitive Readings & Group Event with Laurie Wondra $20 7pm

Laurie Wondra will deliver messages from angels. guides, and loved ones who have crossed over. Laurie takes questions and will give guidance and insight about the messages she delivers. She works with the angels, guides, and energy, allowing her to tap into knowledge from past life events and current situations and to receive insightful information.

Laurie will give pointers about raising your vibration frequency to connect more clearly with your intuition, plus how and why our energy is affected by the world around us. She also will discuss the vibrations of the planet, the universal energies, and some expectations of the coming planetary evolution and growth.

2019 Dates:
Friday, September 27
Friday, November 8
​Friday, December 6

Sound Healing


Sound Healing & Energy Field Activation with Laurie Wondra   $20+  7pm

This deep meditation creates and takes you through portals of energy.  Many describe this as floating in the healing heavenly realms of love and peace. In this meditation, we release and activate our energies to help us on this journey and prepare us for energy surges and portals.  Laurie begins the evening with a brief overview of the Tibetan and crystal bowls, gongs, and other instruments of healing, followed by the experience of the bowls as she works with the energy of the universe.    Depending on the size of the group, Laurie may offer the experience of the bowls placed on you during this meditation.

2019 Dates: 

September 21
October 5
November 13
December 21

energy wellness class


Energy Wellness Class with Carol Lovelee Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm.

Carol is offering a variety of classes designed to expose you to many different energy healing modalities and easy-to-use tools. Each class has a different focus designed to deepen your connection with all the amazing parts of yourself and beyond, from the inside-out. You may of heard of chakras, energy meridians, your aura, or radiant circuits of joy, but want to know more. Learning in a group gives you plenty of time to have fun practicing on yourself, friends, and family.

New to, or curious about, energy healing? Learn and experience how energy medicine can become a powerful tool in cultivating new empowered choices about health, relationships, & financial issues.
Carving out this time for yourself can lead to the greatest rewards in your life.

You can find more info about Carol at
As a reminder you may want to bring a pillow, and a blanket or yoga mat for the clearing!

$20 energy exchange

Womens group


Women's Group Meets the 3rd Monday of each month

This group is about celebrating and supporting women along the path of awakening.

Each month, our gathering will consist of meditation, reflection, and shared conversation on a particular topic. All are welcome to attend. No preparation needed before each meeting. Please join us to share with other women as we discover our authentic selves; come with an open heart and mind.

Mens group


Men's Group - Dudes without 'Dudes! Meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month at 7pm.

What you will be doing/description-To provide a space where men can gather in community around spiritual practices, knowledge, ideas and meditation. 

In our culture, men are taught values such as “fight harder”, “work harder”, “never give up” and “never show emotion”. We can be led to believe that we should only “be logical” and that “intuition is reserved for females”. Men are not often encouraged to speak openly about spiritual values such as loving-kindness, feelings, generosity, intuition, openness, and meditation.

Join us to begin to discover and uncover your authentic self through spiritual study, knowledge, discussion and meditation. 

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$10 Contribution Requested