Remembering Justine Damond

Honoring Justine Damond for her contributions to LHSC

Justine was a loved and a respected member of the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Minneapolis. She was a gifted speaker, meditation leader, teacher and transformation coach. Her message is of love and peace and non-violence.  She inspired us with example of how she chose to live her life.

Justine was dedicated to helping others make transformations in their lives, through teaching and coaching. She was an amazing leader for bridging the gap between science and spirituality in a way that was easy to understand and fun (please see her youtube videos on the LHSC channel). She had a great joy in spiritual growth that inspired those around her.

Much of her work is based on the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, a national cutting edge leader of science and spirituality. Originally a veterinary surgeon, she had a deep love for animals and volunteered at Second Hand Hounds.

While this is a tragic event Justine would want us to use this opportunity to develop greater love and compassion for each other, and look to find solutions by thinking differently. We ask that you respect the Damond and Ruszczyk families while we all grieve and try to make sense of this tragic event.

​We choose to remember her as the love and light that she exemplified, and will carry on her legacy of self transformation, helping each other to break through the things that hold us back.