Becoming a member

LHSC Membership

Become a Member

In order to become a formal member of LHSC, contact the office for a pledge form. In addition to the Pledge Form, a member of LHSC leadership will contact you to discuss your spiritual path, your needs, and how we may be able to collaborate and serve each other. Thank you for your support!

For more info contact, 

Why You Should be an LHSC Member

A community is only as strong as its members, and we are opening our doors, arms and hearts to people like you who would like to solidify their relationship with our center for conscious living.  

Unlike the traditional model of church membership, LHSC does not offer a dogmatic, guilt-ridden, iron-clad burden.  Rather, we are looking for engaged, aware, and positive people who love LHSC, recognize the power and value of community and wish to give and receive toward the growth and expansion of all involved.  

​Whether it is a financial commitment or an energetic one through volunteerism, your contribution can help Lake Harriet Spiritual Community become the transformational hub of consciousness in the Midwest that it is meant to be!

Membership Benefits
Some of the benefits of membership include:
* Knowing that your contribution is helping to sustain and grow the community that supports you
* Spending time with like-minded individuals performing fun yet important tasks and projects
* Developing friendships and connections that go beyond your time at LHSC
* Participating in our quarterly Membership Mixers
* Earning voting privileges after three months from Pledge Form signature
* Having the opportunity to serve on the Coordinating Council

Here are but a few resource needs we have at the community:
* Marketing/Promotion/Public Relations
* Facilities/Carpentry/Cleaning/Painting/Plant Care
* Welcoming/Coffee Service
* Clerical Assistance/Phone Support* Membership Mixers
* Legal Support
* Musical Performance/Movies
* Community Outreach
* Special Events
​* Other creative ways you can serve your community